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Variable DATA

Consider the power of being able to create a custom message for each recipient, catered to the reader’s age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, etc., and infinite possibilities begin to unfold.

Variable Data 

Variable Data Printing is the technology we use that allows you to change background images, colors, artwork and text based on different triggers. Print a different image on your offer for different types of customers. Send birthday cards personalized for each month of the year. Add new copy for customers that have been loyal fans.

Our variable data printing technology is the perfect way for businesses to scale their personalized marketing efforts. Sending hundreds of thousands of printed pieces to customers? we can customize each piece however you’d like. Sending just hundreds? No problem, our technology allows you to print as many, or as few, pieces you need while keeping the end result affordable. You don’t need to install new software or tools to use VDP, in most cases all we need from you is data in a spreadsheet.

  • Send referral cards, personalized with purchase history.
  • Send welcome letters with photos of your customer care team.
  • Send individual coupons based on how long a customer has been with you.

 A/B Testing

You can choose to send out different versions of the same mailer and see which performs best. You can test out different graphics, images, offers, wording, or anything else you’d like to vary in your print materials. You can run as many or as few pieces as you’d like, so it’s easy to do a couple of small test runs to get a sense of what will bring a greater response before sending out the bulk of your mailing.

Variable data printing can be an especially powerful tool for direct mail applications. Direct mail has been proven to be the most effective marketing tool available, even in the internet age. Think about it: The mailbox is immune to spam-blockers, pop-up blockers, caller ID, the fast-forward button and the mute button. As long as people open their mailboxes, there is an opportunity for you to communicate with them. Cater your message directly to the reader, and you have a very unique opportunity indeed.

Saves time and money.

Variable data printing is also a faster, more economical way to print. Consider the following:

  • Print only as many as you need (depending on the size of your database).
  • Test-market a piece with a partial selection of your database.
  • Print addresses directly on the piece… there is no need for labels, hand-addressing, etc.

But the true value of personalized printing lies in the greatly increased response rates that it generates.



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