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Globe Marketing Systems can successfully help your agency reduce operating costs and enhance business support services.


Let us Secure Your Documents

Globe Marketing Systems prints almost 2 million tax bills a year, including Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, Supplemental, Sewer Use, Water Use, and Sewer Assessment. We also print demand notices and delinquent statements every month.

Our Batch Printing services eliminate the need for your office staff to spend time making sure everything is printed correctly. Letting us do your printing eliminates the time you would spend fighting paper jams and running bills to the post office for mailing.

Our digital print outsourcing services consolidates print management and procurement, optimizes print production and distribution, and leverages print spending to create significant savings. The ability to quickly and cost effectively print and duplicate documents is the cornerstone of our print services.

Services Benefits:

  • Add inserts with your bills
  • Eliminate the costly expense of mailing newsletters or water quality reports separately
  • Customize the look of your bill, creating something that is easy for your customers to read and understand
  • Create graphs for the prior year’s usage, making it much easier for you to assist the customers with questions about prior usage
  • Print vehicle tax and property tax notices, as well as water bills and appraisal and assessment notices

Make Tasks Easier

Batch Printing services are done on high-speed printers that can produce a large volume of work at a much cheaper rate than cities and counties can do themselves. Many counties can’t afford the printers they need to provide the high-quality batch printing services that Globe Marketing Systems provides. Our equipment also includes a high-pressure sealer, which saves from having to stuff notices in envelopes for mailing. Specialized Batch Printing services also allows you to add inserts in with your bills, which eliminates the costly expense of mailing newsletters or water quality reports separately.

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