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Globe Marketing Systems Statement Processing has been at the core of Globe’s services for more than two decades. We deliver of best-of-class processing, printing and mailing services specifically tailored to our clients needs.

Excellence in Statement Reformatting

Globe Marketing Systems has the ability to reformat your statement data into just about any format or layout that you desire. We can make your statement more legible and easy for your clients to read and understand. We can do this without exorbitant programming fees. We accept statement data from any core system or software package that you may be using.

We are devoted to providing superior service in all aspects of our business. You will receive personal attention from start to finish each statement mailing cycle. Globe Marketing Systems has built our statement services around flexibility, you will never be held to rigid schedules or forced into long-term contracts. Instead, you will be treated as a valued customer.

Advanced Security

 Did you know that we are SOC2 certified? In addition, we have numerous systems in place to protect the privacy and integrity of your data. From employee background checks and routine security training to custom designed inserters verification systems and routine network vulnerability assessments, Globe Marketing Systems puts security at the forefront of our operations.


 Present your statements over the internet in a secure, user-friendly fashion. We make it easy – your e-statement is identical in design to your traditional printed statement and your users have the ability to view and print the statement from the convenience of any computer with internet access.

Statement Marketing

We realize you have worked to establish a corporate identity, so go ahead and use it! We laser print your statements onto custom designed preprints with your institution’s logo and ink color.

  • Envelopes – Branded with logo, name and color. We even print your envelopes with marketing ads!
  • Statement Ads – Print ads including graphics and photos within your statements!


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