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Document Processing

Globe Marketing Systems provides streamlined technical expertise with superior service to provide quality, deadline based results for our clients.

 Document & Statement Processing

Globe Marketing Systems combines the latest technologies with unsurpassed customer service to provide the ultimate document & statement processing, printing and mailing solution. 

We work with Financial Institutions, Universities, Utility Companies, Government Entities and Organizations of all sizes to provide them with quality statements utilizing our streamlined processes for efficient design, print, and mail services. However, we do not stop there. Globe Marketing Systems has taken things a step further to ensure we offer the most comprehensive package for our clients, we also offer E-statements, daily notices and annual tax forms among other services.

We specialize in data processing.

Your raw data is extracted and populated into a comprehensive dataset, to give you the ability to reformat your statement into just about any format or layout that you desire. We can make your statement more legible and easy for your clients to read and understand. We can do this without exorbitant programming fees. We accept statement data from virtually any core system or software package that you may be using.  

We are SOC2 certified, we provide top of the line advanced security to protect the integrity of your data.

Confidentiality and security is always at the forefront of our statement processing operation.

We Can Do It All. The Good News Is, You Have Many Options.


Present your statements or any document we produce over the internet in a secure fashion.

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We make it easy. Your e-statement is identical in design to your traditional printed statement and your users have the ability to view and print the statement from the convenience of any computer with internet access.


Advanced Security

Did you know that we are SOC2 certified? In addition, we have numerous systems in place

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to protect the privacy and integrity of your data.

From employee background checks and routine security training to custom designed insertertion verification systems and routine network vulnerability assessments, Globe Marketing Systems puts security at the forefront of our operations.

Postage Costs Control

All of your qualifying pieces mail at barcoded postage rates take advantage of postage discounts!

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At audit time, we work directly with your auditors or supervisory committee, bypassing your staff, to ensure the validity of the audit. After the audit mailing, we provide a letter verifying the number of statements mailed, dates, etc.

And we do it without requiring any long-term contracts. We have always believed that excellent service is all that we need to retain our customers. We must be doing something right because we now have clients in 40 states. We invite you to try our Document solutions statement services. Make the process easy and efficient.

Statement Marketing

We realize you have worked hard to establish a corporate identity, so go ahead and use it!

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We laser print your statements onto custom designed layouts with your institution’s logo and ink color.

Envelopes – Branded with logo, name and color. We even print your envelopes with marketing ads!

Statement Ads – Print ads including graphics and photos within your statements!


Inserting Technology

We can design and print your inserts to utilize our intelligent inserting equipment

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A 2D barcode is added to your documents and used with intelligent mail inserting equipment. This equipment folds and inserts documents using “mail piece integrity” software to prevent inserting errors such as double stuffing. The barcodes are read before and after the documents are inserted into the envelopes to ensure proper sequencing and handling.

Amazing Customer Support

We are devoted to providing superior service in all aspects of our business.

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You will receive personal attention from start to finish each statement mailing cycle. Globe Marketing Systems has built our statement services around flexibility, you will never be held to rigid schedules or forced into long-term contracts.

Other Amazing Things We Do.

Tax Form Processing

It won’t be too long before your Data Processing Department will be getting ready for another tax season.

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Globe Marketing Systems has been providing Tax document processing and mailing services to financial institutions for over 25 years. Put our experience to work for you!

Mail Tracking

Our mail tracking system enable our clients to monitor the status of mission-critical documents as they progress through the mailstream.

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Print Production

High-volume print output in B&W or color calls for high-quality equipment. Are your printing needs greater than your office average ? We can help.

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We provide full cycle print services – including design, processing,  variable data messaging, printing and mailing services – all backed by the power of our decades of experience and our data intelligence. Further more, our long-standing relationship with the USPS allows us to pass the postal savings on to you and get your communications seamlessly into the mail stream. 

Daily Notices

We efficiently deliver daily notices and letters that are often overlooked by organizations exploring for incremental cost reductions.

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We realize that document processing is not necessarily an internal credit union priority or competency. Our daily notice service offer an economical, solution for the delivery of both critical and routine notices and letters to your members.


Critical Communications

Billions of critical communications are produced each year in the U.S. alone. Control your critical communications with ease. 

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 You can trust Globe Marketing Systems with your most confidential printed and electronic documents. Our critical communications solution enables you to produce regulated, customized or personalized documents accurately from start-to-finish with tracking and reporting.


Invoice Processing

 Globe Marketing Systems’ Invoice Processing solutions help you shorten cycle time, improve data quality and deliver savings to you.

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Organizations of all sizes struggle with efficiently processing invoices and other transactional documents. Providing a great customer experience while accurately printing and sending mail at the most cost-effective price is critical to success in today’s business climate. Sometimes the simplicity and cost effectiveness of outsourcing print to mail services outweighs the benefits of keeping it in-house.

 Our world class facility processes over 30,000,000 pieces of mail per year. We are equipped to compose documents, print, insert and mail at the most cost effective price. Our process is seamless, efficient and cost effective.

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